Heavy machinery moving is typically performed by industrial businesses and may include large machinery, equipment, building or machinery parts, raw materials, transformers and other specialty equipment.

The goal of a move may be to bring in replacement parts for large industrial equipment or it may be plant relocation, factory relocation, or facility relocation.

As important as an expeditious move may be at times, often holding up production and other revenue driven scenarios, safety is of the utmost importance when performing a move with significant loads. Using the wrong equipment, relying on tools and attachments that haven’t been quality checked and load rated, can result in significant failure modes. Not only can this delay delivery of payloads but it can also put team members in danger and possibly result in damaged goods.

“There is no substitute for experience.“

Being able to quickly and safely move equipment in and out of a plant or to another location simply comes down to experience. An industrial specialist who has performed countless moves can quickly review a project and identify all areas of risk that should be taken into account before the work is performed.