It’s frequently stated that every hour of prep time done in the office saves countless hours in the field.  For that matter, its also frequently stated that a fix in the office costs far less than a fix in the field.  For this reason, it’s almost always worthwhile to put some amount of prep time into a project up front to stay on par with your time and finance budgets.

In the event that a project doesn’t go as planned, you want to be sure you’re working with an experienced team that can make those field changes, hassle free, on the fly and keep the job moving.  This may be something as important as proper planning, labeling, and instructions for a prefabricated cooling tower, hopper, or other structural steel assembly.  It may also be as simple as an unplanned overnight custom fabrication of a transition part to make an existing fixture work with a newly installed part that fell was not sized properly in the original plans.

Is your construction partner:

  • Knowledgeable as to how to plumb up prefabricated steel structures that are out of specification?
  • Able to safely rig and set steel structures within millimeters of your specification as needed?
  • Delivering results on unexpected change orders and items that require them to be adaptable to meet your project needs?