Structural Steel Fabrication

Our fabrication shop makes a quick turn-around of customer drawings as well as providing input to have drawings made when needed. Once complete, Alltracon’s certified welders and ironworkers field install to our client’s precise specification.

We can create new drawings or build from a sketch, source materials, fabricate, deliver and install large structural items like beams and lintels, staircases and handrail, or smaller detailed packages like miscellaneous metals and dumpster gates and access ladders. Once we review the scope and determine a clear and approved sketch or drawing we can create a bill of materials. We source the material ourselves and all fabrication is performed in-house. The final project is checked against the original spec, primed or painted if needed, signed off for quality assurance, and delivered to the job site. If we install the materials all field modifications will be made free of charge and the turned over to the customer.

Our fabricators have decades of experience building to print and are often able to make recommendations that save and eliminate the need for change orders. We strive to deliver solutions to meet the customer’s expectations as opposed to extensive RFI’s and extra work for the customer.

Permanent Solutions

Band-aids only do so much. They can help out in a pinch, but they aren’t a long-term solution right? Girlfriends are great, but they aren’t a long-term solution unless the relationship turns into marriage. It works the same way in the contracting world. By working with Alltracon, you will receive permanent solutions to your issues. Stop settling for only the immediate, quick answers. Work with a team that’s focused on projects that last decades long, rather than just a couple months. This saves you way more money in the long-run.

Available 24 Hour Emergency Calls

Need an industrial maintenance Medina Ohio company that’s actually available when you need it the most? Not just during the 8 to 5, Monday through Friday times, but any time for any day? Having a team available for 24 hours each day should relieve you to know that we’re always there for you. This is available for our clients in a 100 mile radius from our home offices in Medina, Ohio. So if this is a great thing for your industrial maintenance Medina Ohio plans, then work with Alltracon.

Over 75 Years of Excellence

Our crews and our foremen are really some of the best around. We partner up with each client to build a deeper understanding of what they look for. Then with our decades upon decades of experience, we’ll happily support internal maintenance and regular staff. And when the tough issues come up regarding decisions on construction, we’ll be there to address it in a pinch. Consider our team to be the most reliable bunch in Ohio for industrial maintenance Medina Ohio!

On-Going, Versatile Training

Since we know that the hiring pool for talented and well-skilled contractors continues to grow thin, we needed to make adjustments. That’s why we offer apprenticeships and on-the-job training for all of our work! Each day, our team members receive continual training and then each week, they get a deep dive on core principles. Since our team gets continually trained on various skills, this makes us versatile!

Price Transparency

The price we give you is the price we commit to. Why work with any other contractor? Whenever you read our many reviews online or call our many references, you’ll truly be able to catch that we’re a remarkably great team. In fact the companies on our homepage look to no one else except us!

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