About Us

About Us

Alltracon was founded in 2016 with the vision to build a business that leads by example, walks with integrity, and emphasizes safety, speed, and results. The venture started as a family endeavor and ultimately has culminated into multiple generations on both sides of each family line, as well as loyal employees being integral to the daily operation and success of the company. 

With some faith and resilience, Alltracon navigated the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, state-wide and customer specific lockdowns, and emerged stronger. Today, Alltracon provides end-to-end full-service machinery moving solutions that include millwright services, fabrication, storage, and trucking.  

What sets us apart?

Our unparalleled speed, flexibility, and comprehensive range of services. We offer more than our competitors, striving to accommodate our clients’ schedules and going beyond the expected to deliver extraordinary results. Our portfolio showcases our success stories. Our team is a testimony of chosen leaders with over 100 years of combined experience and expertise, who uphold the highest standards of OSHA safety. We service manufacturers across all industries always maintaining our core values of integrity, safety, and speed.

Alltracon isn’t just about machinery moving. It’s about moving forward as a team and a family, delivering success stories, and getting everyone home safely while knocking out deadlines for our valued customers and industry partners. No excuses. Just results.

Our Mission

Reduce downtime

We know the frustration that comes with unexpected breakdowns and we aim to be the team in your corner when something does happen. Alltracon has 24/7 emergency services to keep you in schedule.

Prevent & Prepare

The best way to prevent breakdowns is through planning preventative maintenance measures to address small issues and maintain equipment before there are problems. Alltracon tailors a customized plan for each valued customer

Plan and organize

we specializes in large-scale plant relocations, minimizing disruptions by scheduling detailed and staged moves. Their experienced team ensures machines are quickly restored to functioning, reducing customer stress during the process.

Our Story

Since 2016 Alltracon has been helping manufacturers and industrial customers repair and replace machinery as quickly as possible.  We are known for our ability to complete jobs ahead of schedule and the job often pays for itself with the extra production time the customer gets back.

Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe