Heavy Machinery Moving

Whether adding new equipment to an existing process line or relocating equipment to a new facility, our team has experience disassembling, transporting, and reassembling multiple oversize loads from city to city to get the customer back up and running quickly. Our experienced riggers create lift plans and source the right machinery and rigging equipment for each job. Alltracon crews are OSHA safety trained, rigging signal certified, and trained on any specialty equipment.

A lift plan allows us to objectively address personnel safety, rigging (the specific cables and connections to be used), equipment, and load safety factors (ensuring the rigging and equipment is oversized for the actual load weight for safety purposes.) Specifying the right piece of machinery can save money, time, and less risk of damaging property and endangering personnel. We ensure our crew is safety trained and rigging signal trained so they can quickly communicate in any adverse environment even when they cannot be heard. They are also able to consistently look for common threats and potential hazards to themselves, each other, and property. We own much of our own equipment and our crews are trained to use them safely.

Heavy machinery hauling is a specialized trade and should only be entrusted to those with experience. Our team has a solid safety record and can tackle the largest of machine moves and quickly get complicated assemblies back up and running and in production. Relocating or expanding your plant or its equipment soon? Let us help you with rigging, transport, and getting set back up with as little down-time as possible!

Permanent Solutions

Quick fixes never really work do they? At least not for long. You may be satisfied initially with a quick, cheap fix, but we’ve seen too many projects from other contractors go haywire because of quick solutions. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr. talks about how “there is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions.” With Alltracon, this is not the case at all. When you work with us, our entire focus is on the permanent solutions to your problems. That way, you won’t be needing to call us back several times to take care of the initial job.

Available 24 Hour Emergency Calls

Work with a team at Alltracon that’s got your back when you need it most. When will you need us most? When everything falls apart. When your industrial maintenance Medina Ohio goes wrong and you need us out there at 2 am. Our team is tasked to be armed and ready for your troubles for 24 hours. If you work with us and you’re a 100 miles out, we’ll be there for you. This isn’t preferential treatment either! Anyone who’s 2 hours outside of the Medina area applies to this.

Over 75 Years of Excellence

Working with a team that’s got over 75 years of excellence under it’s belt? Now that’s significant. You could work with any industrial maintenance Medina Ohio company and they’ll be happy to work with you. Don’t you want a company who’s confident and capable? A company that’s been around the bend before? That’s why you work with Alltracon.

On-Going, Versatile Training

There’s a common complaint in the contracting world that there just isn’t enough skilled labor around for everyone. And if there are skilled laborers, they’ve got less-than-awesome character traits. How are we solving this? We take responsibility for anyone who’s working with us and provide on-going, versatile training. Each week and each day, our lead team members are critiquing and instructing our guys to be their best. I guess that’s we have so many great reviews on Google and many referrals for you to call on.

Price Transparency

From the drawings, to the site visits to inspect the property, to the quoted reviews and the project management support, everything is calculated. And by calculated, we mean everything comes with a cost. Do not worry though! With Alltracon, we are quite clear and transparent on exactly what to expect with us. That’s usually an anomaly with most contractors because even if they give you a time frame, it’s usually very optimistic. As Jack Welch would say, we face reality as it is, not as we’d like it to be or want it to be.